Quarter 1

Jul - Sep 2017 - Due Oct 28th 2017

Quarter 2

Oct - Dec 2017 - Due Feb 28th 2018

Quarter 3

Jan - Mar 2018 - Due Apr 28th 2018

Quarter 4

Apr - Jun 2018 - Due Jul 28th 2018


How much will the Bookkeeping cost?


Whilst it can be hard to quote exactly how long your regular bookkeeping will take without first seeing the length of work involved, there are general costs associated with Bookkeeping and these will be dependent on a few things:

If you are a new business start-up with a fresh set of books (no data in file)


If you need to catch-up on bookkeeping that is behind

(many months of data to add)



If you need regular bookkeeping on up-to-date books 

(only a single month of data to add)

​If you would like further information regarding the Bookkeeping Services that IKTB Small Business Services can provide your Business, please send us an email below.

 IKTB Small Business Services is a Registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board. We provide affordable Bookkeeping solutions ultilising Cloud Accounting.

Melissa Orchard owns & operates IKTB Small Business Services. She is a Qualified Bookkeeper with over 15 years experience handling Small and Medium business Bookkeeping.


Contact IKTB Small Business Services


Email Melissa@IKTBBookkeeping.com

ABN 23 030 854 351

BAS Agent No 25 44 65 75

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